Kids & Management is a new blog focused on how management and kids are part of the same world.

The idea is to examine issues that affect kids in order to gain an understanding about how we do things today, how we can improve their education, build creativity, develop skills, understand their world and what they expect from us.

We are going to do this by asking for insights and opinions from experts, managers, directors of cultural institutions, learning centers, sportspeople, articles… Together, we are going to bring about a shift in focus to talk about kids.

The main aim? To make the world a better place!

We’re excited about this project, and we want to bring a splash of color to each story. That’s why we are going to work with artists who will provide an illustration for each story told here. So, if you’re an artist and you would like to collaborate, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us at juncal.sanchez@ie.edu.

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